About Elissa.

  • I’ve been starting businesses since I was 5 (I once sold over $700 worth of drinks and snacks at a LEMONADE STAND!)

  • I grew up in South East Asia to American parents (hello Vietnam and the Philippines!)

  • By the age of 30, I had just over $2 million worth of real estate assets under management — and then I got divorced.

  • Married at 24, separated at 30 (I have the most amazing ex-husband, and I am still a POWERFUL stand for marriage. I love partnership, I believe in it.)

  • I started my first wardrobe styling company, Styled by E. in 2013.

  • I started the School of Heart-Centered Styling in 2018 because I am a STRONG believer in transformation through personal style.

  • The thing I care MOST about in the world is freedom (human sovereignty). I believe that we GET to choose how we want our life to go.

  • I also care a lot about self-expression. The world wants to see you, I promise. ;)

  • I help my clients create businesses that are in full alignment with their gifts.


Elissa is the Queen of heart-centered personal styling. She is a style alchemist--mixing fashion, self-expression and a radical call to be your most evolved self to create a magical wardrobe that FEELS good. She has worked with brands such as Anthropologie, Westfield Malls, Access Hollywood and No Conditions Apply, UK.

Through her coaching and trainings her clients experience freedom of self-expression, radical abundance and a FEELING like no other. They are home in their skin and empowered to FULLY embody their highest self.

Abundance follows Elissa wherever she goes, and she exists to elevate the consciousness of the planet through fun, flow and authenticity.

“Elissa has totally shifted my perspective of how I see myself, my business, my message, my style and my brand. She’s been a HUGE source of catalytic motivation to change not only my style, but also my approach to making MONEY. She’s real AF!”
— Lucas Bell, http://www.lucasmbell.com/
Since working with Elissa I have truly stepped into my femininity and sense of style.

What a gift she has provided me! Before working with Elissa, I didn’t trust how to put clothes and accessories together, what colors and styles highlight my features, and wanted to run away from malls as it left me feeling overwhelmed with choices and no direction. If you can relate to my story, or even if you are already a master of style and just looking for some tips, tricks, and inspiration to enhance yourself, there is no doubt you will find transformation with Elissa.

Don’t even hesitate to invest in this for yourself or as a gift for others. You will have a lifetime of good style, self expression, and full out stylish confidence. And not to mention, FUN!
— Dr. Elana Gelman, https://www.nourishmedicalcenter.com/
“I connected to my highest self and looked at her!

Elissa created the space to ground the breakthroughs I experienced. And held the space amidst breakdown too!

I gained a greater vision for myself this weekend. It has been all about allowing abundance in. I know what my next level looks like.”
— -Laura, Coaching Client
Seriously...what just happened? That was so easy and SO fun and I somehow now have a completely upgraded closet full of things I love. 

I don’t know how, but you nailed the look I was going for on your first try.

You’re seriously gifted at this. I already feel like the next-level ME and today was day one!
— Laina Caltagirone, http://lainacaltagirone.com/


Elissa Williams talks dressing for success as a spiritual entrepreneur at the Entrepreneur Edge Live Event