Trust your f*cking gut.

<< Trust your f*cking gut.>>

Four days ago I was on my way to an Electronic Music Festival. My suitcase was packed, my wristband purchased, rental car rented.

This is where I was supposed to be.

This is where I was supposed to be.

And I didn’t go.

It felt as if my body was revolting. My energy wasn’t behind it, I was procrastinating on leaving, I felt sluggish — 

And it really hit when I started CRYING when I saw the crazy psychedelic colors of the outfits of the festival. HA!

I needed to listen to myself — and I KNEW it wasn’t going to be convenient —

I would have to cancel hotels, cancel plans with friends, sell my ticket, return my rental car, potentially let my sister down.

It would have honestly been way easier to just suck it up and go — 

But I do I really want a “suck it up and go” type of life?

How many times have you just sucked it up?

How many times have you forced yourself to go to something you ABSOLUTELY did not want to go to?

How many times have you denied the little whisper of your soul to make sure everything is safe?

Or to make sure you don’t piss too many people off?

Or to go along with the status quo?

And honest moment: How many times was it actually enjoyable?


I cancelled my trip to Electric Forest — I had the hard conversations, I canceled the hotels and rental car. I sold my ticket.

And I asked myself:

>> What do I need?

You know what I needed? Nature. Space. Stars. I needed time to fill up — And honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what that would look like — no idea actually.

But I trusted.

And within 24 hours of cancelling my trip, a different experienced started to emerge.

And honestly, it’s better than I could have imagined.

I’m sitting here on my patio of one of the MOST AMAZING resorts I have EVERY stayed at — thank you to my friend Andrea for negotiating probably the best deal ever too. ;)

>> I saw Jupiter and it’s moons THROUGH A F*CKING TELESCOPE last night— 

>> I’m going mountain biking through red rocks in 30 minutes.

>> I have had the most amazing connection time with Liz and Andrea.

>> My website is fully launched, new coaching program for powerful creatives *almost* ready to be out in the world (stay tuned).


And I’m filling up — exactly what I needed. And I share this story because it’s not always easy to listen, trust, and act.

It requires a lot.

And sometimes it’s shaky.

And sometimes you piss people off.

But THESE are the leaders we need in the world — the ones who are willing to do the uncomfortable. The ones who are willing to trust themselves, listen and act.


And, I will add, these are also the people that I WANT in my world — the people who listen to their heart desires and are tapped in to life— because moment of truth: Is there anything worse than being at a party with people who don’t want to be there?

Exactly. ;) 

So trust yourself, even when it’s not convenient, because TRULY your soul is always whispering. Are you listening?