Are you ready to have sustained support for the launch of your business?

  • Do you CRAVE support for your business?

  • Are you ready to take aligned action from a true authentic place?

  • Are you ready to know what business systems are the best for YOUR unique work style?

  • Are you ready to re-write those beliefs that keep coming up and feel like are always in the back of your mind?

  • Are you ready to have a plan that actually makes sense for YOU as a creative?

The Intuitive Business Accelerator is a three month program designed to get your business humming, with the help of a business guide. You have hands-on support every step of the way.

The Details:

This three month container gives you the access to a seasoned business mentor, a VIP day in Santa Barbara, CA, voxer support, up to 30 hours of implementation guidance.

This is you.

Your purpose.

Your strategy.

This is your business as a creative.

Month 1: Your Vision - We create the 30 day, 6 month and 5 year vision for where you want to take your business. This is the time we spend to CREATE your next level. We hone in on YOUR MESSAGE, your value and what you want to create in the world. We also look at your specific brand of

Month 2: Your Implementation - This month is all about implementation. We tackle the systems. We tackle the processes. You have access to Elissa for copy writing, website strategy, embodiment training. By the second month we’re planning an eventweek four, we’re humming — and we’re started planning some fun — so this is your month of HELP.

Month 3: Your Sustained Growth - This month we make sure the systems and processes are working. The set up for future growth and clear mindset blocks.

“Elissa has totally shifted my perspective of how I see myself, my business, my message, my style and my brand. She’s been a HUGE source of catalytic motivation to change not only my style, but also my approach to making MONEY. She’s real AF!”
— Lucas Bell,

The Details:

  • VIP day in Santa Barbara, CA - 60% mindset. 40% tactics.)

  • 3 Monthly calls, uploaded to the Client Portal.

  • Client Portal - access to notes, recorded calls

  • Access to Elissa via Voxer (24 hour reply commitment)

  • Business launch support, up to 30 hours of tactical guidance (some examples of this in the past: website copy, email marketing copy, branding feedback, facebook ad creation, event strategy, automation software recommendations.)

  • Access to Elissa’s network of resources (Virtual Assistants, Web developers, Contractors, etc.)

  • Access to any and all programs Elissa launches (Ultimate Wardrobe Reset, etc.)



About Elissa

The truth is, I never set out to be a coach…I just started businesses as a creative.

And if you know creatives, you know that we are a special breed. ;)

We don’t like rigidity, we’re a bit more fluid and intuitive. We have a special skillset and we need to be free to harness is fully — that’s where I come in.

I believe whole-heartedly that every human has the right tools to be successful, it’s just about KNOWING yourself to know where you excel and where you provide value.

Over the years, I have build a real estate portfolio worth just over $2 million, I run a successful styling company, Styled by E., I built a styling school, and am in the process of building a styling software company.

All of this I attribute to mindset, clearing the blocks, knowing myself (strengths and weaknesses) and learning to trust myself.

My coaching style is very question based: My main goal is for YOU to get to the root of your hearts desires so you can soar.