VIP Branding & Styling Photoshoot Experience.

“I connected to my highest self and looked at her!

Elissa created the space to ground the breakthroughs I experienced. And held the space amidst breakdown too!

I gained a greater vision for myself this weekend. It has been all about allowing abundance in. I know what my next level looks like.”
— Laura

Are you ready to be lavishly supported in your next evolution?


Iconic Photoshoot

▹▹ Photographer carefully chosen for your aesthetic.

▹▹ Styling with 10 unique pieces, pulled specifically for your iconic embodiment.

▹▹ Hair & Make-up on site.

▹▹ Morning meditations and grounding.

▹▹ $500 credit to outfits pulled.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 1.40.35 PM.png

One Night Stay at the Belmond El Encanto.

▹▹ One night stay in the Belmond El Encanto.

▹▹ In-room mediation.


Highest-Self Creation

▹▹ We create YOU — and create the experience for your highest self.

▹▹ This is your purpose, your fullness being captured on camera. We create the space for you to show up completely and authentically as yourself.

▹▹ Permission to be you. In all your fullness.


You are the expression of your essence.

It’s time.

“I am so thankful to Elissa and her team for the most next level photoshoot experience in my life.

I can’t wait to do this again in October.”
— Sara Rhiannon, Relax Into Your Next Level

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What all is included in the VIP Branding & Styling Experience?

Ah, so glad you asked. It’s a lot! ;)

1. Highest Self Creation Call with Elissa- 60 minutes

-Highest vision

-We get SUPER clear on what your next evolution feels like!

2. Co-created Upleveled Style Board.

-We create the physical manifestation of your next evolution. Full permission to be your most self-expressed SELF!

3. One Night Stay at the Belmond El Encanto.

-This is a wonderful little boutique hotel that overlooks the American Riviera - ocean views, an infinity pool, and cottages — all perfectly created for a relaxing and expansive experience.

4. Private VIP Dinner with Elissa

-This is the evening before the photoshoot. We talk. We laugh. We prepare for your photoshoot.

5. Branding Photography

- Minimum of 40 edited photographs, with a minimum of 3 personalized locations and 4 outfit changes!

6. Hair + Makeup On-site

- Hair and makeup artist comes to your room for ultimate support.

7. Seven Wardrobe & Accessory Pieces Pulled for You.

-Arrive to personalized styling as an *option* for your photoshoot!

8. $500 credit for Outfitting from Local Santa Barbara Boutique!

-We’ve partnered with the local boutiques of Santa Barbara to make sure you have some outfitting options! And as super fun bonus, you have $500 to spend if you love anything.

9. Welcome Goodies.

-Journal, and personalized gift.

10. Integration Follow up Calls

- 2, 30 minute calls

Q: Where is this held?

Santa Barbara, CA

Q: Is My Flight Included?

Nope! You gotta get yourself to Santa Barbara!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to and we’ll get them answered!!