Stuck wearing the same clothes over and over again? Want to know how to create your DREAM style (and dream life!) through personal style?

Use the Embodied Style Method™ to create your dream life, feel confident in your skin, and unlock radical abundance!



Meet Elissa.

Elissa is like rocket fuel for your business, impact and visibility — all through self-expression.

Elissa is a celebrity stylist, investor, speaker and founder of the Embodied Style Method™ and the School of Heart Centered Styling. 

She helps uncover, unlock and unleash your truest ESSENCE, so you can RADIATE and magnetize opportunity.

Here’s the deal: Working with Elissa is like getting to know yourself again, getting to know the POWERFUL, authentic version — it’s giving yourself permission to be radically and unapologetically yourself.

We create the vision, and you step into it.

Elissa made me feel SEEN. She innately understood my next level and her inspiring, warm and genuine personality elevated me instantly. She not only has a special gift of knowing how to dress you for your next level, but she also has a way of making you feel like you’re already there. Before working with her, it felt really far away. Now, it feels inevitable and like it’s already happening. Simply being in her vibe has elevated me to an entirely new place and made me think even bigger.
— Ashley Kubba, CEO Blueprint Botanicals

Work Together.

There are three ways to work with Elissa.

1. Intuitive Business Intensive - This is a six week intensive for the creative business owner who is ready for a business that is a TRUE reflection of their purpose and desire — no cookie-cutter funnels, or one-size-fits-all strategies. This is your launching point.

2. VIP Branding & Styling Photoshoot Experience - This is for successful entrepreneur who wants a luxurious, expansive and supportive photoshoot experience. Hosted in Santa Barbara, we go deep — this is your inside-out transformation.

3. Embody Abundance Remote Styling - This is for the experienced business owner who is ready to BE SEEN, heard, and EXPERIENCED by the world through fashion!


“Elissa is one of the kindest, honest, most talented and warm souls. Working with her = best decision ever. She’s like hugging a warm cup of of tea.”
— Angie Lee, CEO Soul CBD & Creator, Pays to Be Brave.