Paris Photoshoot



Learn to pronounce


  1. a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

This is what a photoshoot does. It is the PHYSICAL and visible form of a feeling and a way of being.


I can see that every major life shift in the last three years has been proceeded by a NEXT level photoshoot.

It's visual manifesting.

It's capturing the essence of your next level.

It's giving you the COURAGE to act from that place.

I have to share -- my divorce is final today, and I was looking back on my Paris photoshoot -- which is the one where I really saw the next level version of me.

  • The Queen.

  • The ruler.

  • The kind and grounded presence.

  • The woman who speaks her truth in love.

  • The woman who owns her desires, her truth, and her calling.

  • And I captured her essence. I gave her permission.

The direct result of this photoshoot was:

  1. Transition a marriage into a friendship

  2. Booking my FIRST ever business class ticket from Paris to LAX.

So my question for you is this: What does the next level version of yourself BE? How does she show up?

And I want to let you know that I have SEVEN spots open for a the Personal Branding and Styling Photoshoot Experience in Santa Barbara.

Are you ready to claim your queen?

What past clients have said about this experience:

I am so honored you would use my photos to share about this!!

I’m going to go ahead and share some of my own reflections here for anyone who is thinking about investing in this. (Seriously, just do it.)

I was at the beginning of a very difficult, non-cute healing journey when these were taken. I had just broken up with a malignant abuser a few weeks prior. I was not in a place where I felt vibrant or next level at all. In fact, I felt broken and was struggling to even shower on a daily basis let alone pick out cute clothes to bring for a shoot.

I’m so grateful for all the elements that went into this experience. The photos are obviously amazing, but being in that hotel room with you, the photographer and the hair and makeup artist was such a special moment for me. It felt like a bunch of bridesmaids getting ready together!

I had gotten so used to feeling criticized and having my spirit chip away at on such a regular basis and being there with a small group of women who were kind and warm and willing to sit and chit chat with me..!!

You just can’t even begin to understand how healing all of that was for me.

Thank you for this, Elissa!!!!!!
— Sara Rhiannon, Relax Into Your Next Level
I connected to my highest self and looked at her! 

Elissa created the space to ground the breakthroughs I experienced. And held the space amidst breakdown too!

I gained a greater vision for myself this weekend. It has been all about allowing abundance in. I know what my next level looks like.
— -Laura, VIP Branding Styling Event