Iconic Embodiment (3).png

You know how to do it….

You know how to hustle & grind.

And you know that only gets you so far.

Because you’re tired of doing and you’re ready.

Ready for something more.

You’re ready to be.

You’re ready to be.

You’re ready to put your art in motion.

Ready to lead through presence.

Ready for deep expression of your essence.

Ready for you Iconic Expression.

When you change the story & become the character, actions shift. passions shift. beingness shifts & you arise.


Welcome to Iconic Embodiment - the art of becoming.


This is a 3 day journey into creating your embodied self.

Highest embodied future, collapsed into the now.

This is essence of you. Your being, created.


Highest Vision Coding.

Highest Vision Coding with Joanna and Elissa

▹▹ Intention Setting

▹▹ Highest Vision

▹▹ Embodiment and Coding of Your Next Level of Being.


Iconic Photoshoot

▹▹ Photographer carefully chosen for your aesthetic.

▹▹ Styling with 10 unique pieces, pulled specifically for your iconic embodiment.

▹▹ Hair & Make-up on site.

▹▹ Morning meditations and grounding.

Screenshot 2019-02-19 11.05.53.png

Two Nights in a Luxury Hotel.

▹▹ Two nights in a Luxury Hotel

▹▹ In-room mediation.

▹▹ Six Meals


You are the expression of your essence.

It’s time.

“I connected to my highest self and looked at her!

Elissa created the space to ground the breakthroughs I experienced. And held the space amidst breakdown too!

I gained a greater vision for myself this weekend. It has been all about allowing abundance in. I know what my next level looks like.”
— Laura

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What all is included in Iconic Embodiment?

Ah, so glad you asked. It’s a lot! ;)

1. Highest Vision Coding Call with Joanna and Elissa- 90 minutes

-Intention setting

-Highest vision

-Embodiment and coding

2. Welcome Package

-Journal, pen, goodies

-Surprise gift

3. Two Nights in Luxury Hotel in Miami, FL

4. All Meals During the Weekend

5. Branding Photography

- Minimum of 30 edited photographs

6. Hair + Makeup

7. Integration Follow up Calls

- 2, 30 minute calls

Q: Where is this held?

Miami, FL.

Q: Is My Flight Included?

Nope! You gotta get yourself to Miami, everything else is taken care of from there!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to hello@styledbye.com and we’ll get them answered!!

Q: What is the date for Iconic Embodiment?

We have 4 dates to choose from between March and April! This is a personal experience, so we want to make sure we find three days that work perfectly!